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PhotoShop World 2018:  A Kelby One Conference.  Glyn Dewis' "Photograph Like a Thief" pre-conference course was an amazing adventure and the Jarl ended up on the inside cover of the new book!  Check out  more shots from the conference!

Education & Research


Copyright 2018. Glyn Dewis.

Copyright 2018. By Glyn Dewis.


COVID-19 Updates:  Stay tuned here for upcoming events and amazing blogs about many of the Viking age studies we're doing! We will see you when this is all over. Here's to looking forward, SKAL!

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Wyrd Brothers Productions

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Wyrd Brothers Productions is a volunteer historic re-enactment group, focusing on the Viking age era. Organizers, producers and directors of the official Florida Viking Festival, we specialize in historic weapons & combat with fitness training, as well as learning opportunities for a number of medieval skills & crafts.